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Building on many previous expressions of unity in the city Te Raranga has its genesis in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 in Canterbury. Churches immediately swung into action, initiating care and support within their communities. The huge benefits of working together soon became evident and a group of leaders began meeting regularly to pray, share, and coordinate their activities. It was a remarkable context to share information and resources with a wide team including Anglicans, Catholics, Baptists, Adventists, Pentecostals, Methodists, Presbyterians, Quakers, Independents, etc. Steve Graham, Murray Robertson and Mike Dodge headed a group whose emphasis was discern how the Holy Spirit was already at work bringing Christians together and continue to encourage that.

The Churches Forum was formed as an informal meeting of church and denominational EQ co-ordinators. Supported by several Christian NGOs including World Vision, TEAR Fund and Christian World Service, the Forum was able to collaborate with the City Council, the Ministry of Social Development and CERA.

From these beginnings Te Raranga became a Trust in 2014, whose vision is to encourage unity among followers of Jesus, and to help the church be a prophetic voice together to the city, the nation, and the world.

Donald Scott

Born and raised in the remote hills of Southern Hawkes Bay
Farmer/shepherd, shearer, rugby and cricket enthusiast
Captured by the message of Jesus at 23
captured by a young lady at the same time, Jesus and Janice became my focus,
from shearer/shepherd to an under Shepherd of Jesus
4 amazing boys later, now 3 gorgeous mokopuna
Passionate about unity and our bi-cultural journey as a nation

Paul Askin

A Hunter, Author, has-been Pastor,

Treaty of Waitangi Supporter,

Farmer (small time), big time Husband and Family Man,

Apprentice of Jesus.

Brienne Davies

Enthusiast and Extravert
Administrator and Organiser
Passionate about projects, inspired by ideas
Revel in the wonder of words, and the power of The Word
Writer in the making, and if I wasn’t doing life here,
I’d probably be sharing God’s life in the mountains of Nepal.

Mike Stopforth

Married to Jacinta and have 4 young adult / adult children
Born in Hokitika and had 17 great years there
Following university, travel and further study
Began work in youth ministry and then onto a team leadership pastoral role
Love being on a journey of mission and discipleship and helping others in that journey

Lawrence Kimberley

Lawrence was baptised as a baby and has been committed to following Jesus ever since
Met future wife at university at the age of 19 and fell in love straight away
Graduated B.Com from Canterbury University at 21
Married at 22
Worked as an accountant in 1983 and qualified in 1986
Became a father at 30
Graduated in Theology at 31
Ordained as a Deacon in the Anglican Church in 1992, and as a priest in Anglican Church 1993
Have held various leadership roles in the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch since then.
Currently Dean of Christchurch.

Allen Hou

Born in Taiwan and came to this beautiful land in 1998
Completed postgraduate studies in Engineering,
Then realised God had other plans for me.
Been in ministry 2010
Married Yi Xing in 2015
Became Dad to Eliya in 2020
My heart: Seeing immigrants and their children blessed to be a blessing in this land