unlimitedUnlimited is an inter-denominational network of Children’s Ministry leaders connected together to support and encourage each other.   It is lead by Rachel Sangster and a team from various denominations across Christchurch.

‘Children are created in the image of God – they are “wired” to connect with God, that’s how He designed us. Our job and parents and leaders is to facilitate environments for them to continually be in His presence, to pass on the stories of His awesome, faithful works and to worship Him for who He is.’

Unlimited is an expression of Children’s Ministry leaders supporting one another and learning together.  Their annual Leaders Conference, topical seminars and get -togethers throughout the year facilitate this mutual support.

This year Unlimited Children’s Leaders Conference – “Collide”, will run 21st-22nd March.  The focus this year is on challenging and stimulating ideas surrounding the creation of transformational intergenerational environments.

Registrations and more information is available online.

Unlimited Network also organises citywide events for children.  More information can be found on their website.

Supervision and mentoring of Children’s Ministry Leaders has not been well resourced or even acknowledged as something that needs to happen.  The Unlimited Network would like to help with this and so they offer leaders from all denominations across the nation, the opportunity to be part of one to one mentoring and supervision.  This is a chance to stop, reflect and share ideas with the purpose of developing the leader in a safe and professional environment.

Rachel is available to help leaders with training teams, speaking at events or seminars and speaking and leading adult and/or children’s services.