Social connectedness is something we all appreciate and after the quakes, knowing our neighbour became more important than ever.  At the recent Transitional Cathedral Prayer Breakfast hosted by Te Raranga, Ken Shelley asked us how we felt about developing a neighbourhood strategy for Christchurch simply expressing our love for our neighbours.   After some great feedback from churches across the city, The Neighbourhood Project was born, with the desire to equip people with accessible tools to engage with their neighbours and those around them as we join in the recovery of our city.

The first way to help break the ice for people is to share a simple neighbourly activity together, so we’ve developed ‘Knowing your neighbour is a piece of cake’.  Next year we’ll be encouraging people to share a cake with their neighbour and learn each other’s names.  It’s a simple, easy step as part of a project to build sustainable and healthy communities in our city.

You’ll be seeing advertising and encouragements to get on board with the campaign over the next few months and invite you  to help foster those connections in our neighbourhoods.

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