Around 60 leaders from a broad cross  section of denominations met for an early breakfast at Fush on Wednesday. Fush owner / operator Anton Matthews spoke passionately to the group about the power and value of speaking Te Reo. He emphasised the power of the spoken voice to keep a language alive. Anton has a personal commitment to doing everything he can to advance the renewal of Te Reo. For Anton and his whanau this means including greetings and translations in Te Reo at every opportunity. Pastors and leaders were challenged that we can all be intentional about growing our use or Te Reo in our churches and workplaces. This will lead to a greater understanding of our indigenous culture and culturally rich churches.

Anton responded to a number of questions from the group including an inspiring korero about Te Tiriti o Waitangi and its simple relevance to us today. 

Our whakatauki Ka mua, ka Muri became real to us as Anton spoke of our past informing our future but not defining us or locking us in to any particular pathway. 

Will we pick up the wero and be intentional about growing in our use of Te Reo Māori as part of our Christian work?… I hope so.

Mauri ora

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