Mental Health

Mentoring and resourcing churches as they seek to contribute to building greater mental health resilience in the community.

Addressing Mental Health Issues…

For many in our communities their life journey is too difficult to walk alone. We recognised that many mental health needs were going unmet in the current environment, and also that our churches and the community-at-large deserved better. For some time HeadSpace Seminars addressing Mental Health issues have been offered to the broader Church Community, but in August 2018 HeadSpace and Te Raranga began a new enterprise to train Mental Health Coaches that would be based in the church community.

HeartSpace is a 9-month programme training Mental Health coaches. The first class of coaches began training in February 2020 and the hope is to train roughly 12-20 coaches each year. HeartSpace is in partnership with other agencies and Christian groups in the city to give it credibility and accountability. It sits under the governance of the Deacon Trust which is a newly registered charity focused on mental health for the Christian and wider community.

We contribute skills from our professional backgrounds in medicine, psychology, counselling, social work, peer support, and practical theology.


What We Do:

  • Train and equip mental health coaches to work alongside churches and their communities
  • Support churches and their pastoral care teams with education on mental health issues
  • Provide navigational links to other mental health support services
  • Provide spiritual support in the context of mental health

For information on supporting HeartSpace or becoming a Mental Health coach download our brochure here.

Contact Us:

Craig Lynch


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Dr Jeremy Baker

Clinical Director

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Deacon Trust

Deacon Trust is a Christian charitable trust with a focus on education and training for workers who support people with mental health issues in the church and in our communities. If you want to know more about our organisation or would like to help support our work, please contact us. We would love to hear from you! All donations are tax-deductible. Endorsed by Laidlaw College, Pegasus Health, Stepping Stone Trust, Canterbury Men’s Centre, Strength to Strength.