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Network Convenor Max Palmer Life Church International


In preparation for an Exploring our Diversity gathering we identified over 50 separate ethnic /diverse churches and ministries across the city .The questions we asked then are still relevant as we seek to weave such diversity together.

Understanding our Diversity

Who are the ethnic leaders in Christchurch/Canterbury?

  • Where are the Bi-cultural/Ethnic and Multi-cultural churches?
  • How can we work/collaborate together?
  • What are the barriers  to such collaboration?
  • Should such leaders  participate in City Pastors/Christ’s Church Pray meetings?
  • How do we develop partnerships in mission?
  • How can we celebrate our diversity?
  • Where are the enduriing models of such churches that we can learn from?
  • How do we become Bicultural people?

We welcome your comments and participation in conversations to be conducted this year