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Very cool to have Piece of Cake 2015 make to the national news this year, letting Aotearoa New Zealand know how Cantabrians value their neighbours and get out and show it!

Well done to everyone who got involved and a special thanks to Neighbours Day Aotearoa for their support for The Neighbourhood Project.

Piece of Cake 2015 has come and gone, but we know that being a good neighbour is about the every day ways we show we care for one another.

Check out our Facebook page for tips coming in all the time from neighbourly sorts offering great ideas for making our neighbours feel just a little bit special and our communities just a little more connected.

So keep up those neighbourly connections, and visit our friends over at Neighbours Day Aotearoa to check out more ways to be good neighbours – because good neighbours make great neighbourhoods.

Cantabrians know better than most what its like to rely on our neighbours in an emergency situation. In the three years since Christchurch was changed forever, knowing your neighbour took on a new meaning for many people, because of what we’ve been through in our communities.

Whether your neighbour is young or old, new to the neighbourhood or has been there for years, The Neighbourhood Project thinks that knowing your neighbour should be a piece of cake.

Over the last weekend in March, we’re encouraging neighbours to take us up on the chance to get to know their neighbours a little better: over the fence, over the rugby, or over a cuppa.

The Neighbourhood project is a collaborative effort of churches to build better connected communities across the city. It’s about fostering better connected communities and encouraging ‘neighbourliness’ by offering easy to access ways to connect in your neighbourhood.

The Neighbourhood Project coincides with the national Neighbours Day Aotearoa (NDA) which aims to turn streets into neighbourhoods, atawhaingia te pa harakeke.  You can find out more about NDA here www.neighboursday.org.nz

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The Neighbourhood Project is thrilled to partner with the following organisations in Christchurch