Kingdom Resources: Making a Difference for 25 Years!  

Thousands of people in Christchurch and North Canterbury have been helped by Kingdom Resources with interest free loans, free budgeting and employment advice.


Based in Addington, it has a team of over 100 trained Christian volunteer budget advisors from churches throughout the region, as well as an experienced employment team.  Last year alone it helped nearly 3,000 people (adults and their children).

This month, Kingdom Resources celebrates its 25th anniversary of helping people in need.   It came about when Howard Taylor, then a pastor at South West Baptist Church (formerly Spreydon Baptist), suggested the idea of giving interest free loans to people caught in the debt trap.  Budgeting services, employment services, including free community courses (usually run in local churches), were added to the mix.

Beth is one of Kingdom Resources’ many clients.  Struggling to pay her monthly electricity bill, with two young children to feed, she felt crippled with debt and became ill with worry.

“I was in over my head with hire purchases – the interest was killing me,” explained Beth.

Help came in the form of a Kingdom Resources Budget Education course, followed by one to one budget advice and access to an interest free loan.  Today, life is very different for her.

“I feel my life is far more stable.  Before the loan, I didn’t know how I was going to get through the week.  Now I’m not only paying my loan back, but I’m managing to save some money each week too.  Life is way easier,” she said.

The Kingdom Resources budgeting and employment teams are committed to helping people get their lives back on track.

“We really want to make a difference in people’s lives and show them that we care enough to help set them free from debt or get them back into work, sometimes both!,” said John Exton, General Manager.

Providing budget advice is a great way to connect with and help in your community.   Please call Kingdom Resources on 332 1700 or email  for information.

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