In 2014 Joseph and Lesley Lee went to Samoa on a business contract with the United Nations and the Samoan Government. While there, they saw an outbreak of miracles and signs and wonders that touched the whole island.  Since that start in a small church ministry in the Islands has quickly expanding to large meetings, thousands have responded to the gospel and hundreds received miraculous healing. God has opened doors to minister in Vanuatu, Tonga, the Middle East, Hawaii, and mainland USA. This year Joseph and Lesley are traveling New Zealand holding Town Hall Revival meetings.

If you need healing, a miracle, a touch of God’s love, excited to see God moving powerfully, or even just curious, then come and join us in the Victoria Room, Christchurch Town Hall. We will be holding two night meetings as well as a day programme on Saturday about Revival and Evangelism. Free Entry. 

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JOIN US. Christchurch Town Hall, Victoria Room. Friday 2nd October and Saturday 3rd October

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